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From physicians and personal trainers, to lab tests and vitamins, roz has you covered — with just one click.

Our revolutionary approach makes managing your healthcare easy — if not downright enjoyable.

Schedule appointments, talk to a provider, get dietary advice, even order lab tests and supplements all from the same place — on your time and your terms.

Simplified pricing

We hate complicated pricing and endless paperwork just like you do—so we got rid of them. With roz, costs are up front and your to-dos are all in one place.

Guided by a visionary approach to healthcare

We’re inspired by the healthcare revolutionaries who came before us. The people who pushed through ordinary expectations to see new ways of doing things, things that changed our world. The inspiration for our name comes from one of these pioneers, Rosalind Franklin (1920–1958).

Rosalind was an English chemist and a true healthcare revolutionary. At a time when women were discouraged from performing scientific research, she pioneered new x-ray methods and laid the groundwork for the

discovery of DNA. Watson and Crick, who received the Nobel Prize in 1962 for identifying the famous double helix shape of DNA, shared in later years that they relied on Franklin’s work to drive their research.

Following in her footsteps, we’re advancing the future of medicine. For her, it was chemistry. For us, it’s helping people take control of how they experience healthcare.

Be your healthiest self

By combining traditional healthcare and healthy living all into one easy online experience, roz makes it simple to become more proactive about your health.

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